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Letting You Into My Life

Now here we are face to face, let me tell you a thing or three.
I will inform you of my broken past, and tell you a bit about me.

Growing up I was happy enough, but I was blind to the world around.
And before I knew how shitty things were, I was shot and thrown to the ground.

Then everyone left and left me behind, and I lay in my own blood and tears.
Then nightfall came and darkness with it, bringing life to my fears.

For most of my life it was just only me, born and raised on my own.
Nothing or no one but a computer by my side, that helped me learn till I had grown.

Now here I am a stronger better man, after I taught myself.
Hopefully I can use the skills I have learned, to press on through this hell.


I want you in every way possible. I want you when youre sick, i want you when youre sad, and i want you when youre happy. I want you in the morning and at night. I want you when i make breakfast or bake cupcakes. I want your hands in mine. I want you in my arms and next to me in bed. I want your lips against mine. I want to watch movies with you and build forts. I want to lay on the hood of the car under the stars. I want to spend holidays with you. I want you, and only you. 

Empty Minded


~AWS (August Sorensen)

Pack your things and leave forever,
I’m sorry it couldn’t work out together.
Leave nothing behind, take everything with,
I’ve already given everything I can give.
You’ve burdened me to much, now it’s time to leave,
Please just be quick I’ve no time to grieve.
Now that my thoughts are gone, it’s just me,
My brain is empty and I am free.
Alone with my thoughts, oh wait… I made them go,
Maybe next time I’ll think twice, now that I know.

Apr. 24, 2013

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